The Story Behind Troiss


Idea of ?Troiss?, the bakery, was conceived in late 2013 by a girl who often daydreamed of beguiling smells of freshly baked breads and cupcakes while working a nine to five shift as a financial associate, and wandered in the unicorn lands of choco-lavas and cinnamon rolls in sleep.

One fine day, she woke up with a knowing glint in her eyes and a calm mind and quit her job. That was the day the world got the gift of Troiss.

She was hailed ?Priyam Narayan?, the girl who lives to bake.

Came, 2014, and the glory of Priyam?s melt-in-the-mouth cookies and chocolates caught wind and traveled to distant lands. People from far-faraway came to get a taste from Troiss? trove, but they couldn’t stop at one cupcake or two as they were taken over by the sin of gluttony and so they ordered cakes-to-go. The only problem was to find worthy carriers for their gathered sweet treasures.

This is when they found Priyam?s sister ?Sakshi Narayan?, who was a closeted creative and had a knack to make pretty stuff.

Priyam asked Sakshi ?Will thou pack my delectable bakery stuff with prettiness??

Sakshi exclaimed in delight ?Yes!?

Both the girls worked hard to refine their skills by learning from learned teachers. Soon,The Troiss girls were fully trained!

They gathered things from all over the world to bring together a state-of-the-art workshop to whip the dreamiest cakes and bake the softest cookies and to curl the prettiest bows and wrap everything royally.

Finally,The Troiss girls had worked their magic and created the dream-land of chocolates, cupcakes, bows and glitter, and once again people hailed from far-faraway lands and in large numbers this time!

Words from the Sisters:

?Our fresh bakery products are made-to-order with utmost care for quality. You can satiate your sweet tooth:

?Order from our regular Menu


Order a Customized Product to suit any occasion (Wedding, Birthday cakes, cookies, etc.)

Also, our highly creative packaging team works around your requirement, taste and budget to offer suitable and quick design and packaging solutions. We specialize in packaging services for occasions like:

  • Baby Showers/Baby Announcements
  • Trousseau (Wedding) Packaging
  • Corporate Packaging
  • Theme Based Packaging
  • Festivals
  • Individual Gift Packaging, etc

We are happy to welcome you to the dream-land of Troiss!?

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