Mugadha Bansal

My dear sister’s birthday and you deliver her sweet happiness to her cubicle! Well, apart from the absolute chocolicious Temptation cake, the melt-in-your-mouth truffles and choco bombs, the??#?troiss?team needs to be specially lauded for ever-so-patiently bearing with my specifications and being so helpful with their commendable suggestions. Thanks for making the world better for...

Tarak Prabhakar

Thank Troiss for the wonderful Cake! It really melted in the mouth like anything..not sure how you guys maintain the same quality everytime with the persistence taste! Thanks again!

Pooja Soni

Thank you so much Troiss Team for the Yummiest double storey cake with the best of 2 worlds Blackforest & Chocolate Truffle. It really made my birthday very special. Thanks so much.

Nidhi Prabhakar

So the first time we ordered from Troiss they left us hungry for more and we were waiting for another occasion to order from them. My husband ordered a pineapple cake again and like always it was an absolute delight. Thank you troiss and keep up the good...

Kasturi Mishra

Your tiramisu cake was absolutely delicious, just like I expected! Really added the spark to the celebrations

Smriti Mishra

Absolutely MINDBLOWING!!! Your Tiramisu deserves an Oscar. Thank you very much for adding sweetness to our day!!!

Siddharth Sabharwal

Ordered an amazing cake and it wasn’t a let down. Rich and smooth flavour of the coffee and chocolate mix. Just beautiful cannot be wait to try the Tiramisu next. Thank you so much. Thank you Troiss and it reasonable and the worth it.